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Steps in the evaluation

If you haven’t spoken with Dr. Gianutsos, please do so before taking these next steps. Call / text (718) 457-7483 (“HLP SITE”). If you leave a message, indicate where you may be reached in the evening. If your call is not returned in 24 hours, please call again.

  1. First, review this printable Background Information Form. Then collect your information. Finally, make your entries, preferably, on this on-line Background Information Form. Be sure to submit your information when you are done. If you need to add or change something later, do not try to retrieve your information – just submit another form with your name and the new information.

2. Identify who will be the observer(s). Ask them to complete this rating scale being sure to submit it at the end. Each observer fills out and submits their own form. In addition, it can be helpful (but not required) for the individual being evaluated to also complete the rating scale.

3. Dr. Gianutsos will review your answers and call or e-mail you if she needs any further documentation. If you have not heard from her after a day or so, you should follow up with a call to her at 718 457-7483.

4. Testing will be in-person, in your home. All must be vaccinated and wear masks (unless all are comfortable without masks). Estimated time: 4 hours. By the time we are finished, you will have a general idea of the result. You will be asked to sign a Memo of Understanding, which will include persons or entities with whom Dr. Gianutsos may share the findings.

5. Dr. Gianutsos will prepare and e-mail your report.

6. At your request, we will schedule a further virtual meeting to discuss the results and recommendations.