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The EDS includes …

  1. Computer software (license – see note) for task presentation and analysis. Addresses reaction time, simultaneous processing, impulse control, ability to sustain performance, flexibility (ability to adjust readily to changed circumstances), eye-hand coordination (tracking), and judgment (based on self-appraisal).
  2. Reporting software for display, file management and printing. The program displays the individual’s scores in comparison to the average scores of safe drivers of widely ranging ages, as well as with reference to the individual’s own self-appraisal. A Personal Report, designed for the would-be driver and concerned others, is immediately available to facilitate discussion of findings, conclusions and recommendations. Reports can be archived onto flash memory and printed on any Windows-based computer with a printer.
  3. All Hardware necessary to run the EDS. The package includes a portable 10″ steering wheel with turn signal (fits on your table) and 3-position foot pedals which can be used to adapt the EDS for hemiplegia and permit comparison of foot pedal and hand signal response modalities..
  4. Documentation consisting of the Driving Advisement Seminar Handbook, which includes an introduction to driving advisement, instructions on the use of the system, normative data, research validation findings, and clinical examples to support interpretation of scores. Further reference material is included in the system in electronic format.
  5. Driving Advisement Seminar. This seminar prepares therapists to use the EDS. It addresses the principles and goals of driving advisement, the laws which pertain to driving evaluation in the individual’s state, case examples, as well as the specifics of administration and interpretation of the tasks themselves.
    1. Unlimited duration software license for trained therapists. Therapists who have completed training are always welcome to attend future seminars.
    2. One-year warranty with opportunity to purchase extended warranty. The warranty does not include the computer. If we have supplied the computer, you will have the manufacturer’s warranty.
    3. The EDS hardware may be returned within 30 days if it is in like new condition but does not meet your needs. Obviously, this is an outcome to be avoided. Please, therefore, read this product information carefully and call us with your questions in advance of your purchase. There will be a 20% restocking fee. Travel expenses and fees for additional trainees can not be returned. Nor will there be any compensation for the therapist’s time during the training.
  6. The product is delivered at the Driving Advisement Seminar.