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Driving Advisement Seminar

The seminar is intended to both introduce the EDS and the practicalities of its operation, but also to assist therapists in its integration into a program of driver rehabilitation services.


Rosamond Gianutsos, PhD is a psychologist with a specialty in brain injury rehabilitation. She developed the EDS and other assessments useful in driver evaluation: Crash Scene Sketch and Roadway Sign Test. Her pioneering series, Computer Programs for Cognitive Rehabilitation, won national finalist status in the Johns Hopkins Personal Computing to Aid the Handicapped competition. She is a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS) and Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry (FAAO).


The Driving Advisement Seminar was typically scheduled in one (8AM-5PM) day, often on a week-end. It may now be offered virtually. Included are didactic presentations, demonstration, and interactive discussion. Follow-up telephone consultation and review by mail are included for 3 months.

Who May Attend

Attendance is limited to at most 6 persons per seminar who seek authorization to use the materials.


When there is more than one trainee, the in-person form of the seminar will be conducted at your facility. You will be responsible for the instructor’s travel expenses from New York. When there is one trainee, the seminar is usually held in New York City.

Materials for Driving Advisement Seminar

(Download Manual) (View Powerpoint Slides)

** It is essential for the responsible therapist to contact Dr. Gianutsos (718 457 7483, to finalize arrangements for the seminar: venue, date, practicalities regarding travel.