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By Dr. Gianutsos


BTW – Is it really the Gold Standard? 2022 01 17 – Virtual presentation to ADED Conference, Columbus, OH (Handout 6 slides / page) – scroll down for tools mentioned in the talk.

Praxis – Hidden Key to Understanding Driving Problems in Dementia 2021 11 16 – Virtual presentation to ADED Northeast Chapter (Handout 6 slides / page)

Recognizing and Assessing Perceptual, Cognitive and Behavioral Prerequisites for Safe Driving Dr. Gianutsos’ portion of a virtual presentation scheduled for delivery at the ADED national conference 2021 09 18. (Handout 6 slides/page) Links to Referenced material.


Speed Bumps and Stop Signs are not enough: Why you should support the “Bike Boulevard”

Opinion: Examine the Medical Competency of Crash-Involved Drivers

Research and Tools

Crash Scene Sketch and Clock Drawing: Materials and Research Proposal

Roadway Sign Test

Carr et al. Probability of Failing Validated Road Test Calculator Download this spreadsheet and save a copy before entering your data on the “Data Entry” tab. Your results will be on the “Summary” tab.

Lumosity Exercises which seem Relevant to Driving is a working spreadsheet capturing Dr. Gianutsos’ impressions of the cognitive functions addressed in some of the Lumosity exercises.


Ready to Drive? Eyewitness News Report

Driving and Independence